Remember, the Democrats said we needed to nationalize airport security in order to be safe, and then they treat Breda treated like this.  Not the first horror story I’ve heard either.  Now they tell us we need to nationalize other things.  Just remember how much we all love the TSA when they tell us that.

I don’t really fly anymore, because it’s such a pain in the ass and intrusive.  I’m quite happy for the next two Annual Meetings I’ll be able to drive.

2 Responses to “Travesty”

  1. j t bolt says:

    I love flying. I hate the people. TSA and my fellow passengers.

    I need to get rich and buy my own OV-10 Bronco, for vacations and such.

  2. Robert says:

    TSA is a prime example of a useless, powerful and growing federal agency that is a complete waste of money and effort. They haven’t stopped one crime or caught one terrorist, while they have CREATED criminal offenses and violated human rights.

    Bush did this. It’s how he and Rove lost the House, Senate and Presidency and contributed to ruining the country.