Corbett Way Ahead

Capitol Ideas is reporting that Corbett’s lead over Roher in the GOP primary is now 58-7. Rohrer can’t really come back from that, so it’s hard to see at this point how he stays in the race in all but name. It’s a shame too, because I like Sam Rohrer, but I wish he had stayed in the PA House, or moved up to the PA Senate. As I mentioned when he announced his candidacy, there’s very little precedent in Pennsylvania politics for a state representative moving up to the big chair. I hope this won’t be the end of Sam’s political career, because we need more liberty minded constitutionalists in politics, not fewer.

3 thoughts on “Corbett Way Ahead”

  1. And Corbett is now leading Specter.

    I, like you, love Sam. But he was not in a position to win. I wish he would acclimate to a higher Senate position.
    Maybe Corbett will smartly reach out?

    1. Toomey, you mean? Unless there’s been a political landslide. :)

      Unfortunately, Rohrer put all of his eggs in one basket. He cannot run for another office this year. He chose to give up his state house seat, and it is far too late to switch to another race since all of the major party filing deadlines have passed. On May 19, Rohrer will be a non-entity in politics, unless he can somehow stage a comeback for a future open seat.

  2. Head thought one way, fingers went another!!!

    Sam could be appointed to a position with Toomey. Deals have known to have been made before!!

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