Ammo Thievery

A Bucks County man was arrested after attempted to steal ammo from the Hamburg Cabela’s. Locally, one of our gun stores was the victim of an ammo theft as well. I wonder if even the crooks are having a hard time getting a hold of ammunition. You’d think not, since criminals don’t tend to practice with guns, but it’s possible the less scrupulous are realizing there’s decent money to be had reselling ammo.

5 thoughts on “Ammo Thievery”

  1. my wife’s comment, “I’m surprised they had that much ammo left to steal!”
    I Lol’d

    1. Actually, the sad part is that the local store that was robbed has now posted that they aren’t sure they are going to get any more ammo in for this next week.

  2. Ammo? There is none around here to beg buy or steal. The local gander mountain had 3 boxes of .44 mag white box for $49. That was all the pistol ammo in stock!

  3. Nevertheless, the guns are still dangerous. You could hit someone in the head with one.

  4. Most simi organized crime, the members do practice. You tube has been a wealth of knowledge on how to proper use a firearm, and even the criminals are paying attention. Of course I assume the worst based on the few reports I’ve come across.

    But it looks like everyone is hurting now.

    It is sad, but the black market may pick up in ammo now that it cant be found in stores.

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