Fighting the Free Market

New Jersey politicians don’t seem to want to allow oil companies to price gasoline differently in different markets.  If New Jersey outlaws zone pricing, the end result is going to be shortages of gasoline in some areas, and surpluses in others, which won’t get evened out through the price system.  New Jersey already regulates the frequency at which gasoline prices may increase, which causes prices to fall more slowly than in the rest of the country.

Maybe the oil companies should just take a lesson from Ronnie Barrett, and tell New Jersey that if they don’t want to have a free market in oil, then fine, they don’t get any.  Maybe then the voters there will have some motivation to change the smelly political diaper.

8 thoughts on “Fighting the Free Market”

  1. Price fixing is a socialist idea & it doesn’t work – put the Government in charge of anything & they’re bound to make a mess of things. Anyone who wants to live in a Socialist country should simply move to China rather than try to transform our Country into such a stinking mess.

  2. Also means the poor people living in the Pine Barrens will suddenly get to pay Trenton Prices! Yay!

    Democrats LOVE poor people, that’s why they work so hard to keep them poor!

  3. Isn’t Jersey one of only a handful of states that mandates self-serve gas stations? That alone is enough to tell us know about their policies.

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