Not NRA’s Issue

Freedom States Alliance needs to be told what a lot of ├é┬áRepublicans need to often be reminded — NRA is a single issue organization.

Instead of looking at militias, such as the Hutaree, as some kind of an outlier, maybe it’s takes to confront the gun lobby about it’s rhetoric that they do in fact support and enable domestic terrorism.

It’s only when a militia is raided by the FBI that suddenly the NRA goes very, very quiet. Suddenly, their extreme ideology and rhetoric doesn’t look so appealing.

Did it occur to FSA that maybe NRA is silent about it because it’s not even remotely related to their issue? Did it even possibly enter into the minds of FSA that maybe some of us value the right to keep and bear arms to defend against domestic terrorists, and think folks like the Hutaree are just as nuts and dangerous as they do?

NRA is a single issue group — preserving the Second Amendment protecting an promoting the Shooting Sports is their core mission. Their issue is not, last I checked, making war on the State of Michigan or the United States in order to bring about a final apocalyptic battle with the Antichrist. At least I didn’t notice any literature about that last time I was at headquarters. Ack-Mac would charge a lot of something like that anyway.

Maybe ridiculous rhetoric like this is why FSA was folded into an umbrella group. Generally speaking, smearing four million Americans with this kind of crap isn’t a good way to make friends.

12 thoughts on “Not NRA’s Issue”

  1. I thought that “preserving the Second Amendment” was the NRA’s secondary mission? I thought their primary mission was to “sell more guns.” Am I wrong? Don’t gun manufacturers provide most of their money?

  2. Jujube:

    No. The manufacturers have their own trade association. You can look up where NRA’s money comes from on their Form 990s. Most of it is coming from membership. When industry donates money to NRA, they donate to the Foundation, which is a 501(3)(c) and doesn’t do any political work. The foundation funds a number of the shooting sports programs.

  3. The NPBA is a bunch of charletans. They don’t want to get real Constitutional pipe bomb laws because otherwise they’d be out of work.

  4. Freedom is never free, each right we have comes with a cost. The Freedom of speech can be used by hate groups to further thier cause, by cults to lure in their victims, by pornographers to distribute thier wares (not that I’m against that mind you), and by malcontents to disrupt the smooth running of our society. The 4th, 5th and 6th amendments allow countless criminals to escape unpunished for thier crimes. The 7th amendment gives us runaway juries and thier insanely high damage awards. The 8th prevents us from using all types of potentiall effective punishments.

    We accept all of that as the price for freedom. Why is it that when it comes to the 2nd amendment its somehow different? Are advocates of our other rights expected to weigh in every time someone uses a right in a bad way?

  5. This is the implied conspiracy fallacy. Because people who are for/against X tend to also be for/against Y, pretty soon if your on the opposite side of one the arguments, you begin to believe all of your opponents must meet in some secret smoke filled room and plot to destroy all that is good and right.

  6. Their argument is so overblown, it appears as a blatant smear tactic. It’s about all they have left in the arsenal. It’s a wonder to me that they can even get traction.

  7. If these Hutaree nuts were such a bunch of straight up killers why wasn’t ONE shot fired when these people were arrested?
    This whole thing sounds overblown to me.

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