What Next?

Jacob suggests with the passage of Health Care ReDeform, that we in the pro-2A community need to be ready to be next. For various reasons, I think it’s unlikely, but I also thought Scott Brown’s victory woud have killed ObamaCare. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Obama and Pelosi want to tangle with us, so we should be ready.

5 thoughts on “What Next?”

  1. The right to defense, and the privilege of doing something we enjoy, will be on the agenda ahain soon. But next?

    No, now that it has been shown that Congresscritters are no longer bound to do so much as nod to the citizenry, Crap-and-Tax — probably labelled as some sort of jobs/economy booster — will be next.

  2. Progressives are playing for all the marbles now, and oddly enough, that puts gun control farther down on their list of priorities. Health care isn’t just health care, it’s taxes and bureaucracy. Next up will be amnesty or cap-and-trade. I’m betting on amnesty first, cap’n-trade second. They’re taking a hit in November anyway, they may as well embrace it and start adding tens of millions of new dependent voters. And carbon regulation would empower bureaucrats in a way that gun control never could.

    Also, I imagine a few Dems have to be smart enough to understand the meaning of the Obama gun buying spree. My understanding (correct me if I’m wrong) is that cheap SKS’s kept selling in the run-up to the AWB even before the grandfather clause got put in. In other words, people just weren’t going to comply then, and they probably aren’t going to comply now. And if people aren’t going to comply, I think a few Dems have just enough animal cunning not to provoke them.

  3. Check out a book called “Civil War II” by Thomas Chittum if you have not already.

  4. The Gun Mfg has finally caught up to orders, now we need MORE ammo! Better prices!

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