Quote of the Day

From Eric at Classical Values:

I was born in 1954, and ever since my brain began laying down memories of what was going on, I have watched the relentless, steady, constant growth of Big Government – regardless of which party was in power.

Yet in all that time, this country has never had an honest debate over socialism. The word has been avoided for decades, but now that it is upon us, there is no avoiding it.

We need to have this debate. Badly. It’s so long overdue that I could scream.

My sincere hope is that the passage of Obamacare will bring it on.

This is not doom and gloom. Far from it. I welcome the debate, and I think it will be clarifying. Perhaps there will be a genuine fight over whether America wants want to go the socialist route, instead of phony and pointless haggling over diversionary peripheral issues (like whether abortion should be socialized right now or temporarily privatized).

I couldn’t agree more. Sadly the main stream media is still living in the world of bread and circuses. To the extent we have this debate in society it won’t be in the traditional media.