Looks Like The Health Care Monstrosity’s Going to Pass

Watching the whip count over at The Hill, and it’s looking like this is a done deal. Get ready for November. We have to teach the Democrats a lesson they will never forget. Cancel your newspaper subscriptions! Turn in the cable box! Don’t just be a passive consumer of the establishment’s news. It’s time for freedom loving people to give involved and become the establishment. That’s the only way to reverse this terrible thing that has been put into motion.

6 thoughts on “Looks Like The Health Care Monstrosity’s Going to Pass”

  1. A suggestion:

    Keep up the phone calls, but this time direct them at Republicans. We know the GOP leadership doesn’t want to fight to repeal this, so if they constantly get calls both before and after the election, it will help to stiffen their spine. Call especially the GOP leaders and the “mavericks” (i.e., whores).

    Focus on Cornyn, Hatch, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Bennett, Snowe, and Collins.

    One thing we cannot tolerate is another sellout by the GOP.

  2. Repeal? You mean pass a law after November with strong GOP majorities after a huge election win? Great. Is it even possible to get a majority big enough to override Obama’s veto at this point? So… 2012.

  3. I can’t say that I am surprised. I’ve joked in the past about how we might as well put the queen on our money and learn to like soccer, but it looks like these characters are actually going to turn us in to a version of England with the exception of guns, nascar and enjoyable football.

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