Green Americans

One problem I think we’re going to have doing anything about global warming is the fact that most people, while they say they want to do something about it, don’t really want to when it gets down to details.  Take this recent poll for instance:

The survey, which polled 1,006 consumers across the country, found 60 percent of Americans are looking for greener products. However, given a choice between their comfort, convenience or the environment, 38 percent of respondents said they’d choose their convenience, 36 percent said they’d choose comfort and 26 percent said they’d choose the environment, the survey found.

Only 7% would be willing to give up their computers.  More people, at 13%, were willing to give up their TVs (that number should worry cable providers and network TV).  The least popular consumer product?  The iPod.  38% would be willing to do without one to help the environment.

For me?  I don’t particularly relish giving up anything for this Mother Gaia Lenten ridiculousness.  Though I suppose I could be persuaded to install a programmable thermostat, as long as it’s not the California model.

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  1. Yeah. I needed napkins the other day. The ‘Green’ kind were twice the price as the non-green kind (same price, but half as many).

    I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – The day Mother Gaia decides to stop trying to kill me with hurricanes, lightning, and gravity, I’ll return the favor.

  2. A programmable thermostat is a wonderful thing to have in the winter. We only really run the heat about six hours a day, since we’re at work or in bed under blankets the rest of the time. The summer is a little different, since I refuse to sweat while I sleep.

    $20 and 20 minutes well spent, in my opinion.

  3. To the extent that it improves my comfort and convience, I’m also all for green products. If I can save money while better controlling my thermostat, sign me up… But it better be just as cold in here when I’m around.

    Food is about the only place I would consider a ‘green’ product thats not more convenient (read:cheaper) only because it may be healthier.

  4. I have no idea what I would give up to “help the environment”.

    What iPod?

    We don’t use the hell out of our dishwasher, but we do use it.

    You can have my Microwave when you pry it from under my cold dead fingers I use to turn it on.

    I’m not sure how I could do business without my cell phone.

    I live in Houston TX, an Air conditioner is not a convenience, it’s a productivity tool.

    I don’t really care about TV for TV shows sake, but I like my video game systems thankyouverymuch.

    I need my computer for work and to read blogs, duh.

    I repeat, I live in Houston TX, I can’t walk much of anywhere that I have to go, thanks. I need my TRUCK.

    I bet most of the folks who said yes to dumping the iPod don’t have one.

  5. Since the global warming seems to have come to an abrupt halt, along with the change in solar activity several years ago, I don’t see much reason to worry about global warming: it’s not like the Sun is going to listen to me anyway.

  6. *shrugs*

    If I can save money by being “green”, I will. If I can make myself more comfortable being “green”, I will.

    Other than that, the greenies can bite my hairy white arse :).

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