Hope and Change for Fishermen

Looks like Fishermen are getting abused by the Administration just as we thought gun owners would. There’s even media apologists saying that the fishermen and their representative groups are nuts. Obama just wouldn’t do that, you see? Because he’s a smart politician. Sorry, not buying it. Barry is about the most incompetent politician I’ve seen in a while. The guy can give a rousing speech off a teleprompter, and that’s about the extent of his political talent. He definitely has people in his Administration who would like to end or severely restrict recreational fishing. Unfortunately for fishermen, most aren’t as involved with their issue politically as are gun owners and hunters. That’s a shame too, because they have pretty substantial numbers. If I were Obama, it’s not a sleeping giant I want to risk awakening, given that he’s been kicking more than a few others lately. If he’s really not intending to restrict or ban fishing, he needs to get control of his bureaucracy and put a stop to this. I wouldn’t hold my breath, however.

5 thoughts on “Hope and Change for Fishermen”

  1. Snopes is usually pretty good at outing urban legends, but when it comes to politics, they have a definite bias. I’d be wary of anything they had to say on the issue.

  2. I think the problem with Snopes is they don’t understand politics very well. This is bad news for fisherman. It doesn’t matter what the politicians are saying. It’s bad news. I trust the Recreational Fishing Alliance to know far more about the process than the folks at Snopes.

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