Won’t Take No for an Answer

The groups petitioning the EPA to ban the use of lead in ammunition and fishing sinkers don’t like taking no for an answer – even if it is only a partial “no”. When the EPA quickly dismissed the part of the petition dealing with lead ammunition saying they didn’t have the authority to regulate it, they allowed the effort to ban lead sinkers and weights to continue.

In politics, a partial win usually is OK. You win a little now and hope that you can gain more in the future. However, the Center for Biological Diversity and the American Bird Conservancy don’t want to accept even a partial win. They want it all.

In press releases that both have issued, they accuse the EPA of bowing to electoral politics by dismissing the part of the petition dealing with ammunition. Well, duh!

The last thing the Obama Administration wants now is an effort targeted at hunters and gun owners who are already pissed off and distrustful of this administration. Frankly, I’m surprised they are willing to anger fishermen unless they are assuming it is only worm dunkers – and not fly fishermen – who use lead. As a fly tyer, I can assure you that I use lead to weight my flies on occasion.

One thought on “Won’t Take No for an Answer”

  1. I guess when they said that they would only push this this one time they thought they would get everything they wanted and more. And if challenged in the courts would hold up. After all it seems federal agencies can do whatever the hell they want without punishment or question. Probably thought it was really smart to try it via the backdoor and not through the legislative process and was banking on the EPA’s habit to overstep like they have so many times before. They probably knew no politician who has any semblance of self preservation of there seat not in new yuck, new jackoff or kalifornistan would vote for it. They will not stop though. They are bound to believe what they do much like a muslim extremist. Just short of killing people that disagree with them. But they still blow up buildings. I’m surprised we haven’t had an animal rights suicide bomber. There belief is like a religion anyway.

    I wonder when some evironmental nut goes out for the sole purpose of killing hunters. Using non-lead alternative of course. The left is extremely violent so something like this would not be unexpected.

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