9 thoughts on “Department of Education Shotguns”

  1. Well, anyone up for Federal jail time has to be considered a possible arrest risk.

    Just like normal cops going to arrest someone even on a misdemeanor warrant go armed – because you can’t know how someone will react to being arrested.

  2. You’d think they’d call the FBI or something to do it. I just have this imagine of some Sean Connery like character popping into the Department of Education inspectors office and saying “Do you carry a badge? Then carry a gun.” tossing him a shotgun and then going down the hall and busting down someone’s door.

  3. In a narrow sense, that sounds reasonable. Once you’ve got sworn law enforcement officers they’re going to want guns. And 27 shotguns doesn’t go very far in equipping the black helicopter army. In a broader sense, there’s already far too many federal agencies with law enforcement personnel and powers. (In a sane world, they’d borrow FBI or Marshall Service personnel as Sebastian suggests.) If it takes shotgun invoices to get that issue out in the public consciousness, so be it. Let government employees be the ones to get their explanations out in the public record. No need to do their work for them.

  4. Well… Shotties do seem a bit much in some ways, but understandably so. As to why they do not call on another agency if they feel the situation might call for firepower, I can just see the two-week wait…

  5. If it gets to the point where you need a shotgun or rifle then you’re at the point were you might need to call in officers with a different kind.level of training. Long guns to arrest bureaucrats. Sorry don’t see it.

  6. Would you go to jail without a fight? Embezzlers and drug traffickers have the same aversion to a cell. No criminal is “safe” when their house is being searched or they’re taken away in handcuffs. Comments that a law enforcement agency (Education IG) doesn’t need firearms include shotguns are simply misinformed.

  7. Frankly, I think this is all BS.

    There is NO point for the Dept of Education to have shotguns. We are fast becoming a police state. Every single administration is becoming an armed paramilitary force. Excuse my french but WTF?

    Seriously folks – there is SOMETHING extremely wrong with our nation.

    The proper procedure should be this. Dept. Education has a division of fraud. When they suspect, they call in the FBI or state authorities who are trained in the matter. If the individual is so extremely dangerous as to require a SWAT style raid. Then you call in a Federal SWAT team. Nuff said….

    Right now, I suspect there isn’t a department in the government that doesn’t own short-barreled shotguns.

    Furthermore, it’s showing a growing trend of making ALL arrests with a SWAT team.

    If you’re a retired, diabetic who grows and trades Orchids in your spare time and failed to fill out the latest paperwork.

    Such clearly warrants a SWAT raid.

    It’s a tragedy the direction our nation is going.


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