More Beer Raids

The State Police are continuing to ensure that Pennsylvanians only have access to shitty beer. Either that or the State Police are planning one hell of a party and figured out a cheap way to get the beer.

I’m surprised they went after a distributor. The beer distributor lobby in this state is powerful. Normally I am politically opposed to them, because they want to maintain their monopoly through regulation, but if they want to join me in getting rid of this ridiculous registration requirement, I’d be happy to ally on this issue.

“This is really an outrage,” said a local bar owner who missed his Duvel delivery yesterday. “The state doesn’t understand that Duvel actually is registered and has been sold here for years and years. It’s almost unbelievable.”

Don’t get angry, get even. Let’s get together and push Harrisburg to put a short leash on the beer nazis.

11 thoughts on “More Beer Raids”

    1. I’m thisclose to handing out fliers outside of these places to get the customers involved in a political revolt.

  1. Are there no criminals left to catch????

    Torture the Small business owner, so we can fine them!

    Disgusting abuse of police power!!

  2. Just make sure their leashes are too short for their feet to touch the ground.

  3. If the state police have enough manpower to conduct raids like this, then we have way too many police and there should be a massive layoff. The state police are basically useless anyway… all they seem to do is extort motorists.

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