Beer Police

Apparently we’ve solved so many crimes in this state that the State Police have nothing better to do than go around looking for unregistered beer. I am particularly disturbed that they seized one of my very favorite area beers, the Monk’s Flemish Sour Ale. I was completely unaware that there was any such thing as a beer registry in Pennsylvania, but I can’t say I’m surprised. The beer business in this state is basically run by the big distributors. It’s regulatory capture at its worst.

It’s high time our state legislators stood up to the Malt Beverage Distributors Association of Pennsylvania, and enacted comprehensive reform and modernization of our laws governing alcoholic beverages. It’s time for Pennsylvania to move beyond the prohibition era. Everyone hates this system. What’s to lose by changing it?

6 thoughts on “Beer Police”

  1. Keep that illegal beer off the streets! No telling how many unregistered good times it may cause. :P

  2. The beer police they’re inside of my head / beer police come to me in my bar / beer police cme to take me away oh no….

  3. Unfortunately I think the state system is also a great source of patronage jobs. Politicians can use those jobs to reward loyal supporters, campaigners, etc. So I don’t think any pols really have an incentive to get rid of it.

    It was one thing that bugged me while in college in PA…

  4. Don’t use this as an example of the dangers of alcohol regulation. Requiring you to register the NAME OF THE BEER? The alcohol content? Sure. I’m surprised Pennsylvania doesn’t require toothpick names to registered, too.

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