Daley Counterattacks

Looks like Daley is firing a return volley at the Second Amendment just as his city’s handgun ban looks to have a very limited future. What’s surprising is he openly admits this is a counterattack:

“The aggressiveness of the gun advocates is just one reason it’s more important than ever that we work for common-sense gun laws focused on stopping the flow of illegal guns into our communities and keeping the guns out of the hands of the criminals,” Daley said, standing next to tables loaded with weapons confiscated by Chicago police.

Dave Hardy notes that there would be vagueness issues with at least one of the laws. I’m not sure what the point is of closing any gun show loophole in Illinois either, since you are required to have an FOID card to possess firearms in that state. What the point of the licensing if they are still going to claim there’s some kind of “loophole”?

The whole point of these, however, is just to get back at gun owners. Daley won’t be happy unless he’s pissing on the Second Amendment, and he doesn’t appreciate the residents of his city demanding their rights. He’ll teach you!

IGOLD 2010 is tomorrow. Let’s hope for a strong turnout so maybe gun owners in Illinois can teach Mayor Daley a lesson for a change.

One thought on “Daley Counterattacks”

  1. Say to say, Sebastian, that while IGOLD will indeed be a huge success and the turnout will be spectacular- it will be the largest civil rights demonstration in the state in many years- it won’t have the slightest effect on the man on the Fifth Floor.
    Last year we had 5000, a huge demonstration by any count.
    It went almost completely unreported in the northeastern Illinois area known as the Chicago Metro area.
    Six millions people live there, almost half the state’s population, yet few of those people even heard of the event.
    The largest media outlet in the state, the Chicago Tribune (which owns superstation WGN), did not report a single word of the event. Not one.
    The other media outlets in the metro area were nearly as desultory as the Trib. The second-largest media outlet, WBBM-AM, the most-listened-to radio station in the state, sneered so obviously during the little bit of air time IGOLD got that one came away from some of the reports thinking that it was the Bradys who were the event of the day.
    No, ShortShanks is beyond the call of what the IGOLD people are saying (of which I am proudly one), and has neither fear of, nor concern for, the silly rubes who’ll be checking into the Statehouse tomorrow.
    It would be hard to describe how irrelevant it is for ten thousand taxpayers taking a day off of work and paying their own way to the capitol just to voice their opinion.
    But in Chicago, they won’t even know it happened.

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