2 thoughts on “How to Commit a Gun Felony in Massachusetts”

  1. In IL, our current Attorney General (Lisa Madigan) has stated her intention to consider transporation of reloading components without a FOID card as a Felony as well. So if a brass casing falls out of your bag into the trunk and then another family member without a FOID drives the car, they are committing a felony in IL. Fortunately her intentions seem to have simply been a bluff, as no one has been so charged that I am aware.

  2. Wow, I could not tell you how many times I have had to pick spent .22LR and other types of casings from the treads of my boots and the rolled up legs of my jeans after I left the gun club or wherever else I went to go shooting. My hat gets tipped to those who live in Massachusetts and these other extremely anti-second amendment states with their unreal gun laws.

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