Why Are Gun Control Advocates Sexist?

Abby Spangler, head of Protest Easy Guns, seems to have gender issues. Bitter and I have been giving her a bit of a hard time on Twitter with some of the things she’s been saying about “men with guns.” This is representative of something we’ve seen a few times from Abby:

And to Starbucks corporate management: How’s it feel to be kissing up to guys carrying guns drinking your coffee? FEEL GOOD? Wouldn’t you rather be kissing up to the women of America? FEEL OUR HEAT at Saturday’s Starbucks protest. All are welcome.

So no women carry guns eh? Even though they are the fastest growing category of concealed carry license holders? Look at Arizona’s statistics? Sorry, not all men, and lots of women.

She obviously wasn’t at Cafe Berlin in DC, after the McDonald oral arguments on Tuesday. Sandy Froman was kind enough to invite us out to lunch with NRA’s General Counsel folks and Dave Hardy. There were ten of us, and five were women, four of whom are accomplished attorneys. One of them, Sandy, is also a past President of the National Rifle Association. These are women, Abby, not men, and they are all thoroughly dedicated to protecting the rights of other women to keep and bear arms. This isn’t about “men with guns.” It never has been. Time to turn off the caps lock and get real.

UPDATE: More sexism here. This being promoted by the Brady Campaign, no less.

13 thoughts on “Why Are Gun Control Advocates Sexist?”

  1. Attractive women (and Spangler is one of those) often appear to be conditioned to use sex appeal as a method of persuasion.

    I suspect her take on these issues, and method of pursuit, is easily explained.

  2. In her mind, she doesn’t see them as real women. She see’s them as men with long hair and breasts.

  3. Doesn’t this demonstrate that these folks are out of touch with reality? It also demonstrates that they are on the lookout for observations that confirm their preconceived notions.

  4. This infuriates me! I’m a CCing woman, and I know plenty others like me. One of my favorite gun blogs is written by a women like me, I find it quite comforting to know that I’m not alone. “home on the range” is the bomb!

    And SIDEBAR, while it’s been rare, on occasion I’ve been treated with kid gloves at the range, and watched like a hawk. It pretty much lasts until the watcher realizes I can shoot. After that … I’ve never been treated differently. And I appreciate it.

    I HATE when a group without any real experience or at least understanding of another group tries to play the racist, sexist, or ANY other card. I call BS!

  5. Regarding those four women lawyers you were at lunch with after McDonald oral arguments, I was one of them. Two of those women lawyers had arrived in the dead of night, alone, and had to park their cars in an isolated area in a parking garage at Union Station. 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Each woman was alone. It was dark. Neither woman is physically strong. Each had to navigate her way across a dark parking lot to a dark elevator room, down an enclosed elevator, through a dim and unpopulated area inside Union Station.

    And each woman had to do it absolutely unarmed. One of the women is soon to be 60 and could have been beaten to a pulp by most any male over the age of 16. The area was accessible by anyone. And the laws in D.C. prohibited her from the most obvious self-protection — a small, hand-held firearm. A 60-year-old woman attorney with an absolutely spotless record, and D.C. laws would not allow her to have the means of self-protection with her. There was no security officer any where near, and a phone call for help would have required an officer driving to Union Station, driving up four levels of a parking garage, and looking for a dead or mangled body.

    Abby Spangler needs to start thinking of women and of women’s safety.

  6. I guess poor Mrs. Spangler can’t take the heat, or the mocking, because her tweets are protected.

  7. Wouldn’t you rather be kissing up to the women of America?

    Oh, this strident RKBA advocate has been doing a lot more than just kissing…

  8. Take the hyperlink in the “Update” part of the post, and then “Next” three times to the picture of the open carry guys.

    Then mouse over the images.

    I suspect that there is a “hole” in the security, that will be closed pretty soon.

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