Maybe It’s PSH Week

We notice more pant shitting hysterics from the media from yesterday in the Sacramento Bee, and from the Rock Hill, SC Herald, both of which think it’s trouble waiting to happen. Discovery News says it’ll make enforcement of poaching more difficult, and makes gun owners more likely to taunt a bison. Locally, the Chester County Daily Local News thinks guns in Valley Forge National Park is just an odd concept. Probably because they think hunting is what the Second Amendment is about, “People still aren’t allowed to hunt or fire their guns in the parks — so what is the purpose of allowing loaded guns into a national park?” then go on to describe why the Second Amendment is really just obsolete. The Kitsap Sun has roughly the same reaction. The South Florida Sun Sentinal speaks of how our founding fathers never would have approved of guns they couldn’t have envisioned in National Parks they couldn’t have envisioned, but then switches to saying guns in civilian hands just cause horrible carnage as gun toter after gun toter just kill each other in a confused frenzy.

All this even though none of this has happened anywhere else. It’ll happen in National Parks. Really. Just listen to the media.

13 thoughts on “Maybe It’s PSH Week”

  1. And yet, where is the blood? Two+ days and no violent rampages?

    Unpossible? They said there would be blood on the trails!

  2. Valley Forge honors the War for Independence, which led to the Constitution and the Bil of Rights, including the 2A. Yet, these clowns still want guns banned there. Ironic, no?

  3. The thing I’ve always wondered about those who make the “founders couldn’t have envisioned semi-autos” argument is this: Are they OK, then, if I walk around with a brace of flintlock pistols and a sword?

    Because, if we could get that guaranteed by law, I might be willing to make some compromises for sheer hilarity.

  4. ZK, only then they’ll talk about the “Black Powder Loophole”, where they bitch that people can buy a caplock rifle or pistol with no background check.

    In the end they just want to ban all guns, and likely then will turn to knives, pointed sticks, and blunt heavy objects.

    But they’re smart enough to know they can’t win it all at once….but they’re not smart enough to pick a GOOD cause, or even one that will at least make them money.

  5. Weer’d Beard,
    No joke, the “Black Powder Loophole” has already been targeted in New York City.

  6. My favorite part.
    “National parks are, by definition, controlled environments and are as a rule safer than the rest of the country, with hundreds fewer violent crimes per 100,000 people (1.65 in parks as opposed to 469 outside parks, according to FBI statistics for 2006).”
    Controlled environment?? really? Isn’t Virginia Tech a controlled environment, and Columbine H.S. Oh and i wonder how many of the violent crimes in parks were committed with firearms even though they were not permitted in 2006. Criminals dont follow laws you fool. Booo this man BOOOOO!

  7. DAMN! How did they find out my secret plan to start a bison rodeo!!??

    That was the whole point of this law!

  8. I bet they don’t count grizzly attacks as violent crime, either…

  9. In the end they just want to ban all guns, and likely then will turn to knives, pointed sticks, and blunt heavy objects.

    Which is the trend across the pond in the UK.

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