Shooting in Near Mount Rainer Kills Ranger

I’m sure our opponents are going to make hay out of this, but this guy isn’t looking to me like he’s the type that’s going to give a crap whether guns are allowed in National Parks or not. The ranger shot was a mother of two.

6 Responses to “Shooting in Near Mount Rainer Kills Ranger”

  1. dannytheman says:

    I’m sure they will make hay. But PTSD is real! Vet’s are coming back and being released with no jobs and often can not get their minds back into a peacetime mode. Our government owes these vets more respect and better care. I am not excusing him at all for his heinous act, but it starts before he returns!

    That being said, I am so sorry for the Park Ranger and her family!

    • Sage Thrasher says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more dannytheman.

      As for our opponents, every time a crime is committed with a gun in a place where guns are legally allowed, they will claim it is the law allowing guns that enabled the crime. To believe that requires willful ignorance and to claim it requires dishonesty, but the talking points can resonate with the vast majority of people who don’t really care about guns or gun rights one way or the other, as we saw with the 1990s weapons bans.

  2. Wolfman says:

    The usual responses have already been aired at the local paper website. High ‘mass capacity’ magazines, Guns in parks, long-gun crimes, assault weapons, Fudds, the whole 9 yards. I’ve even seen some blame Bush! Tragedy is tragedy, and people don’t understand that. A frustrating start to a new year.

  3. Matthew Carberry says:

    He apparently killed 4 people and was on the run when he hit the roadblock.

    Unless the antis are going to argue that, after committing multiple homicides, his remaining respect for the law would have kept him from fleeing to the park if guns were still banned, they don’t have a lot of hay to make.

  4. Zermoid says:

    Shooting people, especially officers of the law, for no good reason is still illegal everywhere, is it not?

    How could one more law have stopped this?

  5. Adam Z says:

    Seems like the whacko had some serious mental problems…and now he’s dead…