Ed Rendell Does Something Right

You won’t often see NRA touting something Ed Rendell does, but he signed HB 1845 into law today.  State park carry in Pennsylvania is now law, among other things.  Previously in Pennsylvania DCNR regulations prohibited guns in parks, much like they prohibit alcohol.  If you were caught with a concealed firearm in a state park, they could write you a citation and eject you from the park.  Now the only off limits places in Pennsylvania are court houses, and possibly schools (schools are a legal gray area).

6 Responses to “Ed Rendell Does Something Right”

  1. Rio Arriba says:

    Aren’t bars also off-limits in PA?

  2. gnbrotz says:

    Any word on if it’s actually in effect now, or if the standard 60-day wait may apply?

  3. Sebastian says:

    Most of the stuff we care about is 60 days.

  4. Wyatt Earp says:

    It almost makes up for all the damage he’s done lo these many years.

  5. No “no firearms in bars” law in Indiana, either.