Justice for Armed Robbers

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Hey, he was just a family man, you know, a family man that went around robbing people. If you don’t want to risk getting shot by someone in self-defense, there is an easy solution. Don’t rob people. Robbing people is wrong, and a person is within his right to defend himself against someone pointing a deadly weapon at them and threatening their lives. It’s amazing there are people in society who need to be told this. But he was just doing it to pay back child support!

16 thoughts on “Justice for Armed Robbers”

  1. “According to [his mother Virginia] Medina, William was ‘no big hard criminal’ and was rather a family-man who loved his young daughter.”

    And what kind of shining example of acceptable behavior is he setting for his young daughter, whom he allegedly loved so much?

    “‘How about if people just start running around here, policing the city on their own? How much worse is it going to get?’ said Peter Ratel, Medina’s cousin.”

    Straw-man argument. Nobody’s advocating armed vigilantism, but what Peter here is saying is that people should be more tolerant of being threatened with deadly weapons and/or robbed. Tolerance is good, right?

  2. What I love is the reporter saying that the one thug did the robbery for the child support he owed. Yeah, that makes it so much better to rob someone.

  3. “My brother was a good kid,” she told 69 News

    Apparently not

  4. I see this type of excuse-making, enablement mentality every day. Individuals not willing to accept the consequences of their actions and their families backing them up 100% no matter what they did. Wonderboy’s kids that he allegedly needed to pay child support for are likely going to be raise the same way.

  5. It boggles my mind that we have people putting up memorials for armed robbers.

    1. A memorial is precisely what we are “expected” to do. Our society today attempts to live under the pretenses that collectively we ALL “assume responsibility” for each other. GESHHHH,,, get with the program here,,, don’t you know that nobody alone is to blame. Holding each person liable for their own actions is archaic!

  6. We should legalize armed robbery, if it’s for back child support(and drugs)? Uh, no.

  7. All he did was threaten to kill someone for their money.
    You guys act like this is bad or something.

  8. I wonder, are the family members simply in denial, or is there more to it?

  9. [“‘How about if people just start running around here, policing the city on their own? How much worse is it going to get?’ said Peter Ratel, Medina’s cousin.”]

    Yeah, it’s getting to where an average Joe can’t make a dishonest buck!

    In serious this also shows how it’s easier to excuse behaviour when you know the person doing it. “See they had reasons to rob people and threaten them with ‘your money or your life’.”

    Meanwhile a guy defending himself is just that “some guy” and thus like the victims, not a real person.

  10. I know somebody in Monroe County, PA who used his LTCF gun about five years ago to defend himself against a mugger armed with a gun of his own in the parking lot of a Walmart after midnight. He did not kill his mugger – just plugged his feet with some .32 rounds. The DA cleared him of all charges less than 48 hours later.

    If this mugger in Monroe County had been shot dead like these two thugs in Berks County were, there probably would have been a memorial set up in that Walmart parking lot.

    That’s when I would have “accidentally” run over that memorial with my truck as I was going into the Walmart, or “accidentally” crashed some shopping carts into it as I was leaving there.

    I now have the sinking feeling that a certain memorial in Reading, one outside a certain corner store, that is, is soon going to suffer an unfortunate mishap of one sort or another.

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