Time for a Federal Lawsuit in Lower Merion

It would seem to be that Lower Merion School District administrators are being sued. Why? They apparently were using integrated web cams in student laptops to spy on students at home. The lawsuit is a class action, and in addition to civil rights violations under Section 1983, they are going after a laundry list of other federal laws regarding communications, computer fraud, and wiretapping. Good. The people who thought up this scheme ought to have their lives ruined. In my opinion they should also face criminal charges.

8 thoughts on “Time for a Federal Lawsuit in Lower Merion”

  1. Oh, sweet Jesus!

    How in the hell could any admittedly brain dead school administrator think that they could get away with this?

  2. Organized voyeurism? Anybody who has been anywhere near this scheme and it’s implementation should have their hides nailed to the wall. How in the world could the administrators who plotted this have been so blind to this gross invasion of privacy?

    This is worse than the recent case in California where school officials tried to expel a student after procuring a search of the student’s car (which was not on school property).

    Somehow we’ve been stuck with a bunch of half-wit educrats who think that they have total control of, and access to, students twenty four hours a day.

  3. If the allegations are correct, the stupidity of the school administrators is horrifying. And open to criminal prosecutions under both State and Federal law.

    OTOH, have you ever right-clicked on a Flash advert? Last time I checked, one of the default settings is to allow the adertiser to access your webcam. For a whilem this could not even be overridden, but it can now if you go through the correct hoops…

    The first time I noticed this, I was concerned enough to EMail the company. The reply (at the time, quite a while back) was not to worry as the software was “not yet” capable of actually performing the function…

  4. Want to bet the ‘administrators’ are now trying to scrub hard drives?

  5. What an amazingly mind-boggling story. I feel bad for the taxpayers; the admins should be sued for recovery by the district.

  6. Leaving Dante out of it for the moment, there ought at least to be a special circle of the Predators’ Registry reserved for these perpetrators. That would at least keep them away from the school buildings.

    People. It’s…for the children.

  7. I’d really like to understand the meaning behind this. I think this is a bit overboard, I’m sure there are other security measures the school can take in trying to protect it’s property from being stolen. Plus, if the laptop wasn’t stolen or reported stolen, why would they need to turn the feature on anyways…

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