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In my continuing series of exposing the criminal records of infamous Philadelphia criminals, I present you with the criminal record of Philadelphia’s latest cop killer, Daniel Giddings.  Daniel Giddings was responsible for the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Patrick McDonald this past Tuesday.  Giddings was killed when police returned fire.

Giddings record compared with those of other cop killers in Philadelphia is not as extensive, and only includes one arrest for aggravated assault and weapons charges that was Nolle Prossed (which means charges weren’t pursued).  Six months after that, he’s picked up on similar charges.  While awaiting trial, it would appear he was picked up on aggravated assault once again, and charges were withdrawn.  In 2000, he’s finally confined to prison for a six to twelve year sentence.  I would appear that he served eight, rather than the maximum he pretty clearly deserved.

But Daniel Giddings will be commiting no more crimes thanks to the Philadelphia Police.  But it’s a tragedy we had to lose an officer in the process.

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  1. I just watched a video on the CBS3 Philadelphia website where Walt Hunter said there is now a “federal investigation” by the BATFE regarding the firearm Daniel Giddings used to kill Officer Patrick McDonald. Walt Hunter then added that the investigation is focusing on a “possible straw purchase” of several firearms in South Carolina.

    I can see it all now – Bryan Miller of Ceasefire NJ likes to blame Pennsylvania for crimes committed with guns in New Jersey, so now I guess Phil Goldsmith of Ceasefire PA will soon start blaming South Carolina for crimes committed with guns in Pennsylvania. Never mind whoever squeezed the triggers in these crimes, of course.

    Also of course, neither Walt Hunter nor Phil Goldsmith will likely have all that much to say about Philadelphia’s and Pennsylvania’s “revolving door” style criminal court, probation, parole, and prison systems, the very ones that let Daniel Giddings roam free sooner rather than later. (Six years doesn’t do much to slow down an unrepentant and violent convict who’s still under 30 when released.)

  2. More on our boyscout:
    “According to police, Giddings was arrested back in August of 1998 for a carjacking, in which he shot the victim twice in the legs and stole $100. Giddings was sentenced to 6-12 years behind bars.
    While in prison, police say Giddings was accused of 27 infractions, and found guilty on 18 of those. In addition, police say Giddings was kicked out of two prisons during his sentence.
    Giddings was released in August, 2008. Shortly after, police attempted to pull him over for a traffic violation, and he ran off. Officers caught up to Giddings and a fight ensued. Giddings escaped, and four officers were hurt. An arrest warrant was issued after that incident.
    During that incident, according to police, Giddings said he would not go back to prison alive, and if police tried to arrest him he would take an officer down with him.
    “He was a dangerous individual, and he demonstrated that over and over and over again,” said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.”

  3. The history gets worse this morning:

    In his first encounter with the criminal-justice system in 1991, Daniel Giddings was convicted of beating and robbing a mentally disabled man in his North Philadelphia neighborhood.

    Giddings was 10 years old.

    During the next seven years, Giddings was continuously in and out of juvenile institutions, where he was charged several times with assaulting staff, sending some to the hospital, according to court records.

    The the 22 infractions while in jail has since been revised – it’s now up to 27. His own mother said he’d rather go down dying than be willing to serve time again.

    Of course, these same people who will not deny his thuggish record talk about what a good heart he had, and how much he loved children and those around him.

    His own defense attorney talked about what a gift his light sentence was given his violent background. Apparently he was facing as much as 45 years in prison. In fact, the DA in the case said he was one of the most violent thugs he’d ever seen and begged the judge to never let him out of prison because he’d never seen anyone more likely to commit more crimes again. But the judge gave him the minimum and the parole board let him out.

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