Pro-Gun Bill on the Move in Virginia

Allows carrying of pistols in vehicles provided they are in a locked compartment. We could use this in Pennsylvania too, since, with limited exception, you need to have a License to Carry to transport firearms in vehicles.

Looks like they also moved along the repeal of the restaurant ban in Virginia.

3 thoughts on “Pro-Gun Bill on the Move in Virginia”

  1. And they postponed the ban on private sales on gun shows until next year … claiming committee votes weren’t there to pass it.

    Good deal. That’s where Bloomie, VPC, and Brady’s have been working the hardest.

  2. Wait, you guys can’t even transport a rifle or pistol in the the trunk, locked up and away from ammo without a license?

    I thought Michigan was bad.

  3. Pete:

    I think this bill relates to the carrying of loaded firearms. Presently, if you don’t have a CCW and want to carry a loaded handgun in your vehicle it must be carried openly. That means the weapon must be on the passenger seat or the dashboard. The glove box and center console are forbidden.

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