Radnor Township “Lost and Stolen” Considered Tonight

A reminder for folks who might live in or near Radnor Township, that the Township Board of Commissioners will be considering passing a “Lost and Stolen” ordinance in clear violation of statewide preemption. See this alert from NRA listing the contact information for all the Radnor Township Commissioners.

The commissioners are being played by radical anti-gun activists, in the form of CeaseFire PA and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. This is part of a long term agenda to destroy preemption in the Commonwealth. These ordinances are illegal and ineffective, as there has not been a single criminal charge under any of these. I would urge anyone who lives nearby to show up at tonight’s meeting in support of the opposition to this proposed ordinance. There are activists who are planning to be there, but every warm body counts for something, even if you don’t want to get up and speak. You can download the ordinances here.

One thought on “Radnor Township “Lost and Stolen” Considered Tonight”

  1. Do yourselves a favor, do not wait for public hearings on any issues you wish to influence. Having served in public office, I’d point out that my mind was often made up before the hearing. Take the opportunity to contact your Commissioners early and ask them specifically to support you.

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