Radnor Tabling Lost and Stolen?

So says the President of the Board of Commissioners in Radnor Township:

Bob, just to let you know, due to a clerical error the Lost and Stolen ordinance has been legally advertised as being on the upcoming agenda for Feb 22. This was wrong. As a result the agenda will list the ordinance BUT it will immediately be tabled. I do not want a bunch of folks coming to the meeting who would normally not attend. I give you my personal word that this will not be voted on at the upcoming meeting.

Don’t take his word for it. The residents who showed up at the hearing should show up on the 22nd regardless. There’s probably no need to make a huge presence, but they should know we’re paying attention to this issue and aren’t willing to be played as fools. I’m not saying it won’t be tabled, but I wouldn’t trust the word of a politician.