2 thoughts on “At Least The Daily News Gave Us Our Say”

  1. Hey, how valid is this “By Mail-order” crap? I got my FL Permit while visiting family down there, and the class I took was specifically a class on Florida’s carry laws. Are there Florida-certified instructors in PA, or does Florida accept more generic training courses for their training requirement?

    Also the big elephant in the room is that Florida is MORE restrictive than Pennsylvania.

  2. NJCSD runs what they call a “right-to-carry road show”; it’s basically a bus-mounted FL permit application.

    They’re partnered with GOA and SAM to take it nationwide; supposedly

    “To date, the RTCRS has successfully processed hundreds of Florida permits without a single denial. “With the involvement of Second Amendment March, the Right-to-Carry Road Show will soon be available in more states through this special program. The three organizations have developed an infrastructure where interested parties may operate their own shows using a packaged system supported by training, promotion and even automated online reservation and payment processing” said Skip Coryell, founder of the SAM.

    In states like New Jersey, where obtaining an in-state carry permit for self-defense is virtually impossible, the Right-to-Carry Road Show makes Florida permits available to those who want them. Since Florida has reciprocity with many states surrounding New Jersey and allows non-residents to apply for permits, offering the Florida permit is the next best thing for New Jersey gun owners.

    Anyone wanting more information or wishing to participate should contact the NJCSD by visiting http://www.rtcrs.org, or by calling toll-free 877-890-5460.

    The New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense is an independent not-for-profit organization founded in 2001 to defend a citizen’s right to protect himself with a firearm in one of the most restrictive states in the nation.”


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