Demonsheep is a Sensation

Jim Geraghty thinks it’s genius. Tam likes it too, and adds:

I was mildly disappointed that a flaming midget clown on a tricycle never pedaled furiously through the meadow yelling “Verboten!”. Other than that, it was very nearly perfect.

The Hill reports that Demonsheep now even has his own Twitter feed. Thanks Carly. I’m not sure this helps you win, but it’s at least injected some fun into the race.

4 thoughts on “Demonsheep is a Sensation”

  1. God that’s funny. I hope a corporation paid for it, to honor the recent Supreme Ct. ruling

  2. At this point Carly should recognize that her campaign is doing as well as Lucent, and later HP, did under her guidance, and bail…..

    She’s just an idiot…

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