Little People May Lose their Representative

I’ll never forget the day I walked around the corner of a House office building and nearly had a man run into my chest. Now, I’ll grant you that the man really isn’t that short, but with my height and normal work heels, it would have made things a little awkward if we actually collided. That man was Dennis Kucinich.

So, imagine my surprise when the political folks on my Twitter feed start talking about how he’s polling surprisingly close to his GOP opponent. And now, according to FatWhiteMan, we find out the opponent is pro-gun.

Sorry to the little folks out there, but I’m going to back the man who will vote for gun rights instead. But, if it makes you feel any better, you still have Barbara Boxer who is so short that she has to stand on a box to be seen behind podiums. Although, Carly Fiorna may also take care of her this year – another candidate running on a pro-Second Amendment platform. Beyond those two, I’m not sure who the next shortest Representative/Senator is or will be next year. Carly still isn’t tall, based on what I’ve read she’s only 6 inches taller than Boxer, and that would put her at 5’5″.

This also begs the question: why are the smallest people in the House & Senate the most anti-gun? It would seem they should see value in having access to tools with which to defend themselves.

4 thoughts on “Little People May Lose their Representative”

  1. Little people should support self-defense and gun rights, just so they don’t get trample underfoot by giants and ogres.
    God bless Gary Coleman…

  2. You forgot Barbara Mikulski of Maryland. From all pix of her that I’ve seen, she is pretty short. She is also anti-gun. She is supposed to be 4’11”. Depending on who you believe, the other Barbara is either 4’11” or 5′.

  3. “This also begs the question: why are the smallest people in the House & Senate the most anti-gun?”

    Obviously they’re compensating for their smallness.


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