Sunday Full Auto Fun

This IPSC like stage with submachine guns looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Seems the winning strategy is to have a drum mag of some kind. The folks with .22LR submachine guns seem to do well just mowing down the bowling pins:

Courtesy of Vegas Shooters. Click here if you can’t see the embedded link above.

UPDATE: Sorry folks, I didn’t realize it was set to auto play. Next time that happens let me know. I will never intentionally set up anything to auto play on this blog. If you see it, it’s a mistake.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Full Auto Fun”

  1. This was a great video, thanks. I really liked watching the more powerful guns but it was also really cool to see the .22 cal automatic, i think that would be fun for hunting. Who makes that thing???

  2. Actually, full auto seems to slow things down–at least with the bowling pins. (former pin shooter here)

  3. The autoplay is fucking annoying. Any time I refresh this blog, the video with it’s loud music starts.

  4. I believe the rules for that match were that you had to knock the pins off the table (not just knock them over) and you got a bonus if you did it in a single trigger pull.

  5. Yo, it is still turned on. As I use your blog as a portal to the others, this is highly annoying. I can turn it off but every time I backtrack, there it is again.

  6. I set it to not autoplay, and it doesn’t for me, but since it still is for others, I removed the video. Sorry about that. I’ll stick to YouTube.

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