Bill Schneider: “I Told You So”

Bill Schneider, who backed Obama in the election, is now coming out with “I told you so” articles, saying how great Obama has been for gun rights. While I will give Mr. Schneider the benefit of agreeing that Obama has kept his word to moderate Dems like Tester, Baucus, and Webb, to lay off the gun issue, I think he’s blind to the bigger picture.

Obviously he’s not following the Brady machinations, who are quickly realizing they flushed their endorsement of Obama down the toilet. They weren’t fools. They looked at his record just like we did and drew the appropriate conclusions. He’s also incorrect that the Ensign Amendment repealed anything (it was amended on the DC voting rights bill, which is being held up by Democratic leadership because they hate the gun amendment). He’s overlooking that Obama only signed pro-gun legislation because it was amended onto must-pass legislation, that Obama wouldn’t have had much room for exercising a veto. These amendments were a partnership between Republicans and pro-gun Democrats, and not anything pushed or desired by the White House or Pelosi.

I have to admit that to the extent that Obama made deals with pro-gun Dems to lay off the issue, he’s kept his word. The assertion that Obama is pro-gun, or good for gun rights, is as ridiculous now as it was before the election. His history on this issue is not one of respecting the Second Amendment. While he’s not done anything to us, he’s also not done anything for us. If Bill Schneider wants us to praise a Democrat for helping us get pro-gun legislation through the House and past the Oval Office, he should be telling us to praise Harry Reid, not President Obama.

4 thoughts on “Bill Schneider: “I Told You So””

  1. The hoplophobes all make fun of gun owners because of the big stampede to buy firearms and ammo when Obama was elected, saying that it was a false alarm, and he had no intentions of going after guns. Has it occurred to anyone that the reason he didn’t go after guns was because of the big surge of buying? That surge should have sent a message to them, and I think they heard it.

  2. Anyone who thinks our guns are safe is just whistling past the graveyard. Obama and gang are just waiting for the right opportunity. When they do make their move it will be a big one.

  3. Let’s see… this Administration has restarted the UN arms control talks, stated that returning service members and Libertarians might be domestic terrorists, and attempted to blames gun owners on the violence in Mexico.

    Yep, they’ve been *great* for gun owners!


  4. What is “the right opportunity”? There have been a variety of incidents where one would reasonably expect them to start beating the gun control drum, and they haven’t.

    I, for one, am rather confused by it. I guess they really do have bigger fish to fry at the moment – meaning that gun control is not what most of the pols in DC live for?

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