Possible threeper flag spotted at a Brown victory rally? Did a bit of searching, and it would seem it’s an unrelated flag.

UPDATE: Whoops. It would seem Traction Control found it too. I didn’t notice the second flag was a link.

5 Responses to “II”

  1. Papa Foxtrot says:

    Just curious – Google isn’t much help. Who is “Nyberg”?

  2. ctdonath says:

    Yeah, searching around but only finding obtuse explanations. I’m surprised I don’t know about it; haven’t heard of “threepers”, Nyberg, etc.

  3. Papa Foxtrot says:

    Well – apparently only 3% of gun owners know. Maybe they need a better publicist…

  4. Dannytheman says:

    II + III = V

    Love it!!!!

  5. Mopar says:

    I never saw a III flag while I was in MA for Scott Brown, but those II flags were all over the place the last few days of the race. I believe the guy that makes them came down from MI to mainly to support Brown’s campaign. He was also selling the flags outside the big People’s Rally last Sunday. I had already ordered one for the Second Amendment March in April.