More on Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

We screwed up. It seems that not only is Pat Brown not anti-gun, but she’s actually pretty pro-gun. In the interest of not eating our own, I’m hoping everyone gets the word out that we misunderstood what she was saying.

It’s difficult, when you don’t know someone from jack, and hear a statement on the air that can be taken a certain way, to decide how to take it. Given CNN’s reputation on our issue, it’s easy to misunderstand something, or take it the wrong way, as I did with this statement. The great thing about the blogosphere, is it offers a forum where people can defend themselves when they feel they are being unfairly maligned, as Ms. Brown has chosen to do in this case. Unlike a newspaper, we don’t put the correction on page E9.

So I admit that I was in error as to her orientation towards our issue. I’m hoping everyone that linked to the CNN video will update the post with a link to her comment.

3 thoughts on “More on Criminal Profiler Pat Brown”

  1. Okay, just to play devil’s advocate, but what about the statement on her blog about gun owners should sign a form taking responsibility for any illegal act that the gun may be involved in? That doesn’t exactly reek of “rah rah, go 2nd Amendment!” to me.

  2. Yeah, she’s definitely not an activist on the issue I don’t think. I wouldn’t classify her as such. But to me if she supports concealed carry on college campuses, that gets her some pro-gun mojo.

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