From Traction Control, CBS is turning up the bullcrap up to 11 on “Assault Weapons”.

UPDATE: Traction Control updates with a link to a video proportedly showing an “illegal gun owner” with an Uzi, but who the media claims has an AK-47. I’m going to call bullcrap. One of two things is true here.

  1. Either this is a complete fabrication on the part of the media
  2. Criminals know they have absolutely nothing to fear, such that they can appear on television with a weapon they are feloniously in possession of.

Either way, someone isn’t doing their god damned jobs.

UPDATE: More from Thirdpower

I think it’s safe to say the media is trying the old bait and switch tactic on this issue.   Bait them with stories of scary automatic weapons.  Don’t tell people they are already illegal.   Push for bans on semi-automatic weapons that look like the scary automatic versions, but function just like other ordinary guns.   Add a little sprinkle of “don’t tell people that there are sporting uses for these”  and “weapon of choice for criminals” and you have a recipe for the next assault weapons ban.

Only this time, it won’t be so easy for them to snooker everyone.

8 thoughts on “CBS’s PSH”

  1. I’ve read the escalating stories for days now at CBS.

    Enough is enough!

    Are there actual incidents (since the 1999 Hollywood Robbery) where an automatic weapon was used in a crime?

    As the hysteria mounts over 4 or 7 news cycles at CBS, I say, “Enough! Let’s repeal the National Fireams Act of 1934! and let bygones be buy guns.”

  2. Those gang members have better teeth than me…

    Meanwhile, Cobiella looks like she’s salivating all over the story.

  3. Don’t bet on it being harder to sell this time. We are still surrounded by the willfully ignorant and stupid.

  4. This is a bogus story. No way would someone show his “illegal” gun on a news story without anonymity.

  5. One almost has to be intrigued by the manner of reporting… provide just enough information, just enough imagery, and just enough story to lead people right down the path you want, and then leave it up to their imaginations. Like William Randolph Hearst of old, Michael Moore may very well have founded his own school of journalism…

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