War on Women

From Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt:

Massachusetts Democratic-party Chairman John Walsh, discussing GOP Sen. Scott Brown at a breakfast meeting Monday: “He’s a regular guy. I mean, he spent a couple million dollars folding towels on TV to prove he’s an honorary girl. We appreciate that.” This was a reference to a television ad of Brown’s, in which he is seen folding laundry.

Finally, an actual example of the war on women!

Whether Scott Brown wins or loses, it’s been an absolute delight watching the Massachusetts Democratic Party become completely unhinged over having to win back a seat that they rightfully think belongs to them, and not being able to quite seal the deal with the people of Massachusetts.

4 thoughts on “War on Women”

  1. He knows he’s immune from being called a sexist because he’s a Democrat. If a Republican had said such a thing about folding towels and girls, he’d be halfway to being chased out of the race by now.

  2. This is just more proof of the slanted view of the Main Stream Media. Hardly a peep. Oh, “he apologized.” Paul Ryan’s marathon that he ran 10 years ago proved he’s a liar, instead of possibly misspoken, but this GUY get’s a pass. As long as women get to keep abortion completely legal and paid for by taxpayers, he gets a pass.

    Shameful, shameful, shameful. what really makes this worse? I do the family laundry (Bath towels, kitchen towels, wash clothes, rags, etc., etc.) in my home. I was folding yesterday.

  3. Folded the cloth napkins and towels for my girl’s pre-K class this morning, while debating with her the merits of Strawberry Shortcake over Dora’s preachy cousin Diego (who I don’t like…we both much prefer his sister Alicia). This while juggling a 1 year old boy who wanted nothing more than to climb on top of the folded laundry and roll in its warm fresh-from-the-dryer goodness. Which we let him do, because he is always so happy when it happens. So the laundry, despite being folded twice, still went to her school mostly unfolded.

    This is fatherhood. It’s not unique, extraordinary or even worth bragging about. The problem I have with this story is that the Chairman of the Dem Party in Mass does find this extraordinary. To him, the idea of a man being part of the family is obviously foreign.

    In a time where many of us lament that society is withering because real men – fathers or not – are shirking their roles and responsibilities, we can look at such “grown-up children” as part of the problem. It falls on all political leanings, but it needs to be cut down.

    Men do the things they need to do to take care of their family. Period. Even if it involves laundry.

  4. Seeing Brown folding laundry was probably the first time Walsh and his demo friends had ever seen a white man fold laundry. In most of their houses the laundry was always done by the Negro/Black/African-American servants…

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