Celebrity Shooter

This may well qualify as weirdest headline of the day:

Bob Barker Collapses at Gun Range

His rep says he was just dehydrated and collapsed. People at the range say he had been shooting.

For a guy who is putting boatloads of money into the hands of groups trying to end hunting, shooting seems like a weird hobby for him to have on the side. But, here’s to hoping he goes shooting a lot and owns a lot of guns. If he does, maybe he’s contributed a fraction to our side compared to what he’s given to them.

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Shooter”

  1. I don’t know anything about Bob Barker and guns. He is a stand up guy though. There are plenty of anti-hunting and/or vegan gun enthusiasts (although not enough).

    1. I think any anti-hunting gun enthusiast is enough. We shouldn’t be trying to throw one another under the bus like that. I would say the same thing about hunters who would throw other shooters under the bus.

  2. I’m with smitty. I know vegan gunnies. Hunters and gunies share some common legal interests, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be gung-ho about guns for self defense while still thinking it’s murder to bring down Bambi.

    1. Vegan is a lifestyle choice. I have no issue with that. I don’t know any vegan gunnies, but I do know several vegetarian gun rights activists. And none of them throw hunters under the bus. They live their lifestyle without feeling the need to shove it down the throats (literally, in this case) of others. In fact, I know a vegetarian hunting advocate.

  3. It’s a lifestyle choice based on the assumption that human animals and nonhuman animals have the same natural rights. From that beginning it’s a pretty natural conclusion that a society that outlaws murder should outlaw hunting. All I’m saying is that there’s no inherent inconsistency in trying to ban hunting while supporting the use of guns for recreation and self defense.

    There are certainly also people who think abortion is murder but still advocate for individual choice in the matter.

  4. When I think Bob Barker I think supporter of eco terrorism. Have you not seen the discovery channel’s little eco terrorism bunch?

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