5 thoughts on “Cerberus Gets into Ammo”

  1. bullets really. they already had Remington ammo. This should be interesting…

  2. True. Though at this point, it’s hard to keep track of everything they own.

    I don’t know if Sebastian will post about it, but we’ve been having interesting offline conversations about their purchases and the potential incentives.

  3. Jeez, you gotta wonder what Freedom/Cerberus is up to. Maybe we can get them to buy off some congresscritters to support our side.

    The NYT’s profile on the super secretive head of Cerberus says he drives a F250 and a Harley in NYC and is a big hunter. So maybe he’s just one of us, plus a couple of billion dollars.

    1. But you also have to remember that these are people who thought Chrysler was a good investment, drove it even further into the ground, and then turned to the feds with their hands out begging for tax dollars to save their poor investment. (They are an investment company. They made a bad investment. They made a very big bad investment. That doesn’t mean we have to pay for it.)

      I’ll be the first to admit distrust of the company because of the perennial run of Kollitides to get on the NRA board – going so far as to practically buy an entire issue of magazine ads for him and his company in the issue before the ballots went out last year. (Okay, not an entire issue. Just a personal profile, company profile, and multiple full page product ads, IIRC.) He is clearly desperate to get on the board, yet he won’t even show up to meetings when he is appointed as a non-board member of committees. He also won’t answer questions by outdoor media. He’s an empty seat, so I’d like to know what they hope to get out of it. I’ve also watched some of their other staff buy their way onto hunting group boards, and I just don’t quite see what they expect for the investment. I believe that wealthy people can do good deeds. But when I see money laid down for a PR campaign, that sets off alarm bells.

  4. Some time you’re going to have to share your concerns as to their actual motives…

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