Gerlach Wants to Abolish Turnpike Commission

Capitol Ideas reports. I am in favor of getting rid of this obsolete patronage kingdom, and kudos to the Capitol Ideas commenter who said “But then how would we recycle old legislators and political cronies who can’t find work elsewhere?”

But, I am also remembering that PennDOT complained mightily when the PA Turnpike Commission decided to make the Turnpike 65 mph along its entire length, in violation of PennDOT’s speed limit guidelines in some areas. I would want to ensure, in turning the Turnpike over to PennDOT, that they must keep it 65MPH along the entire length, and not switch it back to 55MPH in the portions of the turnpike that traverse populated areas.  As a daily commuter on the Turnpike, this is something I want to see in the bill.