Taxes for Me, Not for Thee

Rendell is currently taking his budget signing on tour to several Pennsylvania towns, talking about great the extra transportation spending is, and how taxes didn’t have to be raised.

That is, unless you commute on the PA turnpike or I-80.  I pay $600 a year to the PA turnpike commission.  After this I’ll pay $750, and then 3% annually after that.  If this was going to pay for repairs strictly on the turnpike, I might not complain so much, but it’s going to pay for roads that other people drive on, and for mass transit that other people use.

You can thank me, and every other turnpike commuter, for eating Rendell’s tax toll increase, so you don’t have to.   So let me run down the list of things Ed Rendell has done for me:

  1. Raise my taxes
  2. Raise my taxes again
  3. Uh… I’ll get back to you on the rest