Health Care Obamanation Passes With 60 Votes

Now it’s onto a secret conference committee, which has already been rigged by Pelosi and Reid. There’s still a chance to stop this. Whether you’re a progressive, and believe in universal health care, or a conservative who hates the idea, I think both sides can agree this health bill is total special interest laden garbage. Call your reps and Senators and tell them to vote no on the conference report.

3 thoughts on “Health Care Obamanation Passes With 60 Votes”

  1. I have written all of my “representatives” numerous times. From the replies I get (if I get one) it is obvious that they aren’t even reading the messages. I’m afraid the crap that will come out of committee will be even more unpalatable. And they don’t even care. F***g hypocrites.

  2. There will be no conference committee. The Senate rejected a conference committee being appointed (it takes only a single objection which was made by Senator DeMint). The procedure now is:

    The Senate bill goes to the House floor. The House can either
    a) Accept the Senate version as it stands, or
    b) Amend it.

    If a), the bill goes to the president for his signature.
    If b), the bill yo-yos back to the Senate where it can either be passed without modification or amended.

    Rinse and repeat.

  3. Yeah, my “representative” is Allyson Schwartz. She wouldn’t cross the street to spit upon most of us. I despise that woman,

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