Defeating Yourself

Our normal Thursday club indoor silhouette matches were moved to Wednesday this week because of the holiday. Since I finished up work early, I came home to clean my pistol first. It was really gunked up. I had been having problems with FTEs and FTFs with light strikes in the rim.  With that cleared up, I tied my personal best of 35 out of 40 animals. Last week I scored 34 out of 40, so I would seem to have improved by several animals, which I am happy about since I’ve been absent from Thursday nights for a while because of work demands.

I would have had a good chance of beating it my personal best, but tonight Dave, our match director was running long runs for a brick of .22 ammo, and a set of earmuffs, so anyone who shot all ten animals could shoot off after the match for it. I shot 9 chickens, and missed the tenth, then shot 9 turkeys, and missed the 10th. The pressure was just too much. It doesn’t take much to make you rush the shot, or pull the trigger when you shouldn’t. What I’ve been good at lately is clearing the mind, mostly because I’m too busy worrying about work to think too hard or care too much about how good I am or am not shooting.

It’ll be interesting next week, to see how I do. I am off work until the Monday after the new year. Blogging might be a bit off schedule, but I will still post. Not much going on right now anyway.

2 Responses to “Defeating Yourself”

  1. Slowstdy says:

    It is very difficult trying to press the trigger with both hands round your own neck. (Choking) Good shooting sorry to spoil your run at a PB, not to sure the 10 thing worked out with only 2 shooters in the end. Lots of shooters shot 10’s guess they saw you choking and decided against it…LOL. Merry Christmas.

  2. Sebastian says:

    It’s a good way to do it with more shooters I think. I think the problem was not enough shooters overall. On a busier day, I think it might have worked.