5 thoughts on “Pro-Gun Fixes to Health Care Bill”

  1. I am an embarrassed Nebraskan! I called Sen. Nelson time and again exhorting him not to betray his oath to the Constitution by criminalizing every free citizen of the several States for exercising their God-given, 10th Amendment-protected right to NOT buy health insurance they do not want! But he caved, in return for a BRIBE that unconstitutionally forces all of you good citizens of the other 49 States to pay for any increase this bill brings in Medicaid costs to Nebraska. Gentlmen, I apologize for my Senator (I voted for the other guy), I apologize for my State sending him to Congress, and, unless he blocks the final reconciled bill that comes out of conference committee, I shall send money to his opponent in the next election (something I never do!).
    In the meantime, please join me in stocking up on militia arms and ammo, because, fellas, if they sell off one Constitutional right with a bribe, they can sell out them all! Get your weapons now before it is too late. The backroom shenanigans used to buy off Senators to vote for this bill proves we have no Constitution and we have no rights. They are only privileges granted to the highest bidder!

    We are in grave danger!!!

  2. Get your weapons now before it is too late.

    I’d like to take a moment to point out that the most effective weapons here will not be ARs and Glocks. Lawfare is more effective than warefare, and less likely to get your family killed.

    Learn about tax laws and find ways to lawfully avoid (not evade) paying as much tax as possible. Find out what sort of FOIA requests or other legal claims you can file, and see which are cheapest and if any carry repercussions for the filer (this is how the Left brought down Sarah Palin as Governor). Engage with your local politicians, especially local and state ones. Record governmental and political meetings (if your state allows this without the other party’s consent). Take what you find and put it online; if there’s something juicy, others will sift through and find it. Bigger blogs will take notice: I’m a nobody who never had more than 100 readers per day on my old blog and yet I had two Instalanches.

    A gun, at this stage, is virtually useless as an instrument of political change; it’s likely to be counter-productive. A citizen with time on her hands and a hard-nosed determination not to take no for answer can do a lot. Ed Morrissey brought down a Canadian government and two Washington Post reporters brought down the Nixon administration. That’s far more than any small group of Americans with guns have ever done.

  3. Legal/political action has done more than any small group of Americans with guns has ever done?
    Try telling that to our Founding Fathers! Have you never heard of the Minutemen? Of Lexington and Concord?
    “Brought down the Nixon administration” – and replaced it with what? Something better? Carter? Clinton? Obama? Nothing changed but the names. Get your head out of the sand! Guns in the hands of freedom-loving Americans gained our liberty and for centuries preserved it. Now, just when they are perpetrating tyranny upon us, they make overtures of taking our guns away! THINK man! This isn’t rocket science. Read the Declaration of Independence and you will see the time for citizens-to-arms is upon us once again. Of course people will die and families suffer. That’s the price of true freedom – look at how badly the signers of the Declaration suffered (google “fate of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence”) their stories will make a real American out of you!

    Legal changes/reforms are all cosmetic frauds. True freedom is regained when the blood of tyrants and patriots is spilt upon the roots of the tree of liberty (Thomas Jefferson).

    CPAs and lawyers have never created a free nation – armed citizens have!

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