Two Pins Tonight

Tonight my silhouette shooting was pretty good.  Shot a 37 in the first round, open sights, and got my remaining two pins, Pig and Turkey.  I shot 29 animals in a row before I dropped one.  Now I’m getting used to the Kimber Model 82 Government that I got from the CMP, I’m shooting pretty well with it.  Dropped to 34 on the second round, but it’s a heavy rifle, and I got tired.  Got some good advice from some of the guys who were watching me shoot, so I’ll have to work on some technique, and maybe I can start hitting high 30s consistently.

4 thoughts on “Two Pins Tonight”

  1. Too bad I can’t post any of my pictures here. I shot 6 arrows from 20 yards into a Mickey Mouse paint sample (the ones you get at Home Depot). It was sweet. I’ll email the picture to Sebastian and maybe he’ll be impressed enough to post it.

    Equipment: Bowtech Guardian, 64# draw weight, 28″ Gold Tip Pro Hunter arrows @ 8.2 grains per inch with 100 grain field points, QAD Ultra Rest Pro LD arrow rest.

    Arrow speed: 258 fps

    Damn Mickey and his motley crew of anti-hunting and anti-gun executives that work for him. Bambi was the worst movie to ever be made. It probably turned a few generations of people off of hunting. Then there’s the other proganda anti-hunting and anti-gun movies. Disgusting little rodent… :)

    Anyway, I’m anticipating getting my rifle back from the gun manufacturer next week. Brand new, out-of-the-box rifle had a dent in the barrel and I had to send it back. It’s been 5 weeks now and I’m finally getting it back. All these nice weekends I missed that I could have taken it out to the range. I wonder if they’ll do something for me for being inconvenienced like this. The rifle is a bolt-action .243 Win. I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait…

  2. If you shoot that Kimber offhand well, that’s very well done, indeed. That stock (I might be thinking of one of the other 22s the CMP has sold) is tough to shoot offhand.

    Oh, if you’re interested, David Tubb’s “High Power Rifle” has an excellent section on offhand. It’s mostly geared toward across the course High Power, but he’s a silhouette national champ a few times over as well.

    I think I might just have to see if there aren’t any silhouette matches around here for the extra offhand practice.

  3. It’s not as good as one might think. We’re shooting indoors at 25 yards at 3/8th scale animals, with the pigs, turkeys, and rams scaled down to roughly approximate distance. It’s not a sanctioned match, more like practice for NRA and IHMSA silhouette shooters.

  4. But yeah, it’s offhand. I find the Kimber to work nicely for that. I like the weight, compared to Bitter’s CZ-452, and the trigger pull is much much better than my 10/22

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