Vampires, Zombies, & Parenting

I am not a parent. Nor am I planning to become one in the foreseeable future. But should that change, I’m going to make sure I read Tony Woodlief’s entire blog archives. It takes a very talented writer and wise father to connect vampire and zombie flicks to the challenges of parenting. And yet he does in a way that not only gets at an important reminder for parents, but also makes me laugh.

There are monsters in the world, to be sure, but there is also goodness and hope, and I suppose I didn’t realize that when I was a child. There is goodness and hope, and this is what I want my children to know. I’ll teach them how to work a shotgun for good measure, just in case we are besieged by zombies.

The post may also fan the flames of a good vampire vs. zombie debate, but what good lesson in parenting doesn’t?

3 thoughts on “Vampires, Zombies, & Parenting”

  1. Its highly appropriate timing considering the popularity of vampires and zombies. Tips for defeating zombies will always be important in the rearing of children. I would personally preach speed training and focus on track skills for my little one. Until one of the most recent zombie remakes, the undead was known for lumbering slowly after their victims. If a kid has wheels they could easily out run them and live happily ever after.

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