Portable Artillery

They call this a rifle, but it’s really a shoulder fired cannon. It takes an NFA stamp to own one. Click on the link to see it in action. It really doesn’t look like it has much recoil.

6 Responses to “Portable Artillery”

  1. Slowstdy says:

    I got Air guns that make more noise than that..LOL

  2. teqjack says:

    20mm? What, for a Zero or ME109 hunt? Certainly not for rabbits.

    Oh, speaking of hunting, it is now haggis season:

  3. Dogboy49 says:

    Odd thing about this is that the Feebs have an open RFB for two of these monsters. Makes ya wonder what they intend to do with ’em……????

  4. Ian Argent says:

    Haul them out to the longest range they can find at Quantico and make a day of plinking at 55-gallon drums, probably.

  5. Brad says:

    I get the impression Anzio also has a version which fires a 20mm necked down to .50 caliber. If so that would bypass NFA regs. Heck, I think the California ban only applies to .50 BMG weapons so a 20mm/.50 might bypass that ban too!