Reid’s Opponent on Guns

Very interesting news item [from the shakedown artists over at] Las Vegas Review-Journal, about the gun record of Tarkanian, a GOP candidate looking to run against Harry Reid [here used to be a link, but I have removed it because I do not wish to promote extortion]:

[An excerpt of blah used to appear here from the sewer of a newspaper Las Vegas Review-Journal and Extortion about the Tarkanian campaign noting an e-mail campaign pointing out his “?” on his NRA questionnaire, and former “F” grade from the Association]

A question mark means he didn’t answer his questionnaire.  The F means he answered it poorly.

[Here was a statement excerpted from the rag newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, that likes to sue bloggers for copyright infringements rather than try to work things out nicely first. That statement was from Tarkanian’s campaign, saying that they never received the questionnaire, so surely NRA thought they were just ignoring them.]

NRA sends a questionnaire to every candidate for office.  In fact, NRA sends multiple questionnaires if they don’t get an answer back.  This is what we would call a lame excuse.

[Here that rag of a newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Lawsuit was excerpted, and told of Tarkanian’s previous “C” and “F” grades, the latter of which came from a Brady endorsement Tarkanian claims he never asked for.]

Just a misunderstanding, you see.  Harry Reid is far from perfect, and I will admit that his squirrely nature worries me in terms of what he’s going to do when he can coast for the next six years, but if gun owners in Nevada are pinning their hopes on this challenger, I think they are making a mistake.

UPDATE 7/22/2010: This article was changed from the original, because the Las Vegas Review-Journal will get no more free links from this blog. Here’s why.

9 thoughts on “Reid’s Opponent on Guns”

  1. I don’t know what C he’s even talking about. I looked up his grades and all I can find going back to 2002 are the ? and F. How a questionnaire that he completed and signed was just “a misunderstanding on a response” that resulted in a solid F is beyond me.

    Of course, I love that he’s learned from Mitt the Shit School of Gun Rights and decided that the only pro-gun credential he needs is not in answering questions about his views, but merely signing up a life membership in NRA. Clearly, there is no room to wonder exactly what positions he signed his name to.

  2. If you look at it from a purely gun rights perspective then, as Sebastian says, Reid is the safe pick and NRA should endorse him.

    But, most people look at elections and decide on other issues besides gun rights. Also from a long term perspective, it is exceedingly dangerous for gun rights or any civil rights to have one party government.

    The primary problem with Reid is that he is an extremely partisan and arrogant Senator who needs to be removed from office so the politicians in Washington will begin to learn that they work for the people.

    If we continue to reelect people that are marginally good for our cause but are horrible for this country then we will still lose in the end. Sooner or later they will try to initiate new gun control schemes and Reid will follow whatever the party mantra is at that time.

    Reid is part of a party that at its core is antagonistic to our right to bear arms. As a partisan for that party and for his demonstrated willingness to abandon any principle he may have ever believed in when he was a mere citizen of Nevada, he needs to be removed from office.

  3. I will admit that were I a resident of NV, I would have an awfully difficult time voting for Reid, knowing that my vote is just about a tacit endorsement of the current Democratic leadership. It’s a good point that most people aren’t single issue voters, which is why politicians like to stray. Unfortunately, single issue voters are what make an interest powerful. One reason AARP doesn’t have an ungodly amount of power is that they don’t have a reputation for delivering their vote. Their tent is so big they have no organizational discipline when election time comes around.

  4. Reid is a lifelong hunter too, but mostly of backroom real-estate deals nearly the equal of Chris Dodd and Charlie Rangel. Besides being an incredibly partisan and petty hack – his NRA rating is purely political too and merely a means to freeze the NRA.
    Reid can get away with it because he’s already bought his seat and knows where the bodies are buried in Vegas – which is MUCH different than the rest of Nevada. His NRA Grade is also a beard for Feinstein, Pelosi, and Boxer who vote the other way – it’s just a political strategy for him that his Party allows – but IMO you have to look at it in the context of his whole party, and he’s no Blue Dog.

  5. If Tarkanian’s a four-flusher on gun politics, then Reid should get the NRA endorsement, unqualifiedly.

  6. It’s like a football play. While the rest of his party is doing an end-around, he freezes the NRA in their tracks holding up his “A” as a badge – and they have to give him an “A” because they believe their grades mean something. They’re kinda stuck giving him that A-grade…
    But to his Party it’s inconsequential, they don’t care since most of them are proud to get F’s – but his NRA endorsement works for the Party since some people will vote for him as single-issue voters despite his horrible record elsewhere.

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