Brady Flip-Flop?

Paul Helmke a few months ago:

Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said he “doesn’t have problems with people transporting guns on trains so long as steps are taken to make sure they’re secured and properly stowed.”

Paul Helmke yesterday:

“It is dangerous for Congress to dictate to Amtrak how to handle guns on passenger trains. Trying to micromanage Amtrak security is inappropriate at best, reckless at worst.  But now that Congress has decided to allow passengers to be able to transport firearms in checked luggage on trains operated by Amtrak, at least their negotiators have responded to some of the safety concerns raised by gun violence prevention advocates.”

So which is it? Or did Bloomberg call up Brady and say he didn’t appreciate them taking an alternative position to MAIG? Might be, considering we were using Brady’s position to smear other gun control groups as extremists. Either way, they aren’t being consistent.

7 thoughts on “Brady Flip-Flop?”

  1. Helmke also said recently that veterans right to arms is “not a serious concern.”

    I am glad to see them both flustered in addition to out-of-touch.

  2. “It is dangerous for Congress to dictate to Amtrak how to handle guns”

    This from someone who proposes for Congress to dictate how every American citizen handles guns.

  3. Awww, give the guy a break: it’s hard to be consistent when he’s making it up as he goes along. (kind of like his ‘facts’)

  4. “Deserve” or not, Helmke ought not receive any breaks whatsoever from anyone who supports the RKBA.

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