The Hysteria Begins

Apparently Amtrak is trying to argue it’ll be Madrid all over again if we let guns onto trains. Never mind the fact that Madrid was a bombing, though maybe they think the guns will spontaneously explode, because they do that sometimes, you know. The heart of the issue is that Amtrak allows guns in checked baggage on trains prior to 9/11 without incident, and security concerns on trains are not nearly as high, due to the fact that trains are confined to their tracks, can’t just go anywhere, and certainly can’t be used as improvised cruise missiles. Historically, explosives have been the primary means by which to attack trains, regardless.

3 thoughts on “The Hysteria Begins”

  1. The hysteria around the Amtrak issue is wholly misplaced. It just isn’t a big step at all.

    Now … I am still expecting the national carry reciprocity language to be added to the health care bill … and THEN we can watch the hysteria unfold.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it just allowing unloaded guns in checked luggage – just like is currently allowed on planes? Why are they making such a big deal about trains, but not planes? Especially since, as Sebastian noted, the danger of a hijacked train being used as a weapon is extremely limited.

    If it’s checked luggage, how is the person supposed to get to it while on the train to perform their terrorist acts? There’s absolutely no valid logic to the objections. It boils down to “guns = bad -> must oppose”

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