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  1. Would that make possession of lego parts “Constructive Possession*”, if NYC banned them and they had an ATF-like interpretation?

    I hope so.

    (* Ha!)

  2. I think they’re already banned or at least heavily regulated in NYC. I posted a while back about an actress trying to get a realistic toy gun in the city and all the hassles she had.

    I know you guys like to mock it, but the fact is you don’t have the swat team being called out for a toy and little ghetto kids being mistakenly shot in NYC as much as you do in some other places.

  3. What other places are those Mike? Or did you just make that part up?

    Note that if you don’t respond it’s a confirmation of my assumption.

  4. MikeB302000,

    Add me to the number of people who would like to see a list of places, times and kids who have had the SWAT team called out on them for having a toy gun.

  5. Of course Bob and Weer’d would ask those questions which are really statements saying they don’t believe my assertion.

    Let me put it this way, I’ve read stories like the SWAT team attacking the lego gun owner and cops mistakenly shooting a kid with a toy gun about as often as I’ve read about DGUs. Maybe someone who’s really interested needs to start a blog like Clayton Cramer’s to capture every one of these toy gun stories. Then by accumulating all we could, we could then extrapolate and call the real figure 2.5 million a year.

  6. And instead of providing evidence, links, citations; MikeB302000 basically says we should trust him.

    Never mind any bias in the media against defensive gun uses, never mind the fact that SWAT Teams being called out on kids with toys would be big news and there fore easy to find.

    He provides nothing.

    Never mind the fact that the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), which in 1993, estimated 108000 DGU’s annually.

    If kids with toys are being contacted by the cops, not even SWAT, just cops that would be happening 295 times a DAY.

    Nope, Control Advocates like Mikeb302000 would have you believe we have to keep the law abiding from having firearms FOR THE CHILDREN!!

    I am totally shocked that he actually left 2 comments in one thread not on his own blog.

  7. In other words when MikeB wants to make a point he makes one up out of whole cloth.

    Amazing how the side that bases their arguments in reality is the side that’s winning!

  8. MikeB, Cops in NYC shoot more kids per capita than any other major metro in North America. So go to hell, eh?

    I know of three police shootings of toy gun holders in Cleveland, but in every case the holder aimed the toy gun at the police after they had drawn on him.

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