More Gun Control Groups Joining with MAIG

Thirdpower notes that John Rosenthal of  Stop Handgun Violence, and founder of AHSA, has joined MAIG in supporting closing the “terror gap” which translated from anti-gun rhetoric to reality means government bureaucrat taking away constitutional rights from Americans with no due process. Thirdpower also has a graphic of the ad MAIG is running promoting the same.

3 thoughts on “More Gun Control Groups Joining with MAIG”

  1. Oh please. Give up the fantasy and fight this stuff in a productive way. We’re still enormously politically powerful, and there’s no need to pretend civil war is right around the corner. We’ve seen new threats before, and it was inevitable the gun control movement would regroup and reorganize post Heller.

  2. Civil war isn’t happening over gun rights. It didn’t happen over any of the slippery slope from GCA ’34 to the AWB; it’s not going to happen while we’re moving the ball up the field.

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